The boys season 3 Atrain no dick joke seth explained

The boys season 3 Atrain no dick joke seth explained: In the third season of Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys, A-Train (Jessie Usher) makes a crude joke about Seth Reed (Joel McHale), a Vought executive who is helping him rebrand his image. The joke, which is delivered in a moment of anger, seems like a simple, juvenile jab about Seth’s confidence and masculinity. However, the line actually references a scene from way back in The Boys season 1, and it carries a much deeper meaning than you might realize.


In the first season, Seth is tasked with helping A-Train recover from his public image crisis after he is caught on camera killing Hughie Campbell’s girlfriend, Robin. Seth suggests that A-Train should reach out to the black community and start a foundation in Robin’s name. A-Train is initially reluctant, but he eventually agrees. However, the foundation is a disaster, and A-Train’s relationship with the black community only gets worse.

In the third season, A-Train is still trying to repair his image. He asks Seth to help him create a new marketing campaign that will appeal to the black community. Seth suggests a number of ideas, including a docuseries titled “A-Train To Africa” and a virtual reality video game based on the slave trade called “The Middle Passage.” A-Train is initially excited about the ideas, but he eventually realizes that they are offensive and insensitive.

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After the pitch goes terribly, Seth points out how A-Train “couldn’t care less about [his] African roots.” A-Train is furious, and he responds by calling Seth a “fking dk.” The joke seems like a simple insult, but it actually has a deeper meaning. It is a reference to Seth’s suggestion that A-Train start a foundation in Robin’s name. A-Train saw the foundation as a way to improve his image, but Seth saw it as a way to exploit the black community.

The joke also highlights the hypocrisy of A-Train. He claims to care about the black community, but he is only interested in using them to improve his own image. He is willing to exploit them for his own personal gain, even if it means doing something that is offensive and insensitive.


A-Train’s joke about Seth Reed is a powerful reminder of the ways in which white privilege can be used to exploit and oppress marginalized communities. It is also a reminder that even those who claim to care about social justice can sometimes be motivated by self-interest.

The Boys is a show that is not afraid to tackle difficult and controversial topics. The joke about Seth Reed is a perfect example of this. It is a joke that is both funny and disturbing, and it forces the viewer to think about the complex and often contradictory ways in which race and power intersect

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