The Secret Invasion ending sets up some major plot points for the future of the MCU

The Secret Invasion ending makes good on the twists and turns of its plot with one final climactic episode. 

Secret Invasion episode 6 had a lot of loose ends to tie up, as the stories of Nick Fury, Gravik, Rhodey, G'iah.

While there are still plenty of possibilities that the Secret Invasion ending leaves open, mercifully.

the series avoids leaving too many questions unanswered, and concludes on a note that shows how it will influence the future of the MCU going forward.

The Secret Invasion ending sees the end of Gravik's plot to destroy the world after he battles a far more powerful G'iah 

but sets up a major issue for the MCU to tackle in the form of introducing the concept of Skrulls to the general populace. 

With Nick Fury heading back into space with Varra at the end of the plot 

it also seems the stage is set for The Marvels to be definitively after the Disney+ show.  

why nick fury is at the heart of an alien conspiracy