Nick Fury may only have one good eye, but he alone sees the Skrull invasion coming and is in a position to do something about it. 

Secret Invasion pays off on an ongoing Nick Fury storyline that began back in 2004's Secret War 

Secret War shows Fury enlisting a group of heroes on a clandestine and completely unsanctioned mission in Latveria. 

When Fury's actions are exposed, he loses his command of SHIELD and goes underground. 

That paves the way for Iron Man to become Director of SHIELD in 2006's Civil War. 

Fury spends months preparing and watching devastating conflicts like Civil War and World War Hulk play out in the Marvel Universe.  

He assembles a new team of teenage metahumans known as "Caterpillars" 

These super-powered children of known heroes and villains who aren't on the radar of the Avengers or the U.S. government.

When the Skrulls finally launch their invasion, Fury and his newly minted Secret Warriors are ready to fight back. 

See Ant-Man is now in danger.