Why Megan Fox Is Telling Critics to "Calm Down" Over Her See-Through Dress

As Megan Fox posted a picture of herself in a mesh dress, the Transformers star issued a message to her followers.

This is Megan Fox's body, and she's going to wear whatever she wants, thank you very much.

she doesn't need any haters weighing in on her ensembles. So when the actress recently posted a picture of herself

wearing a striped mesh maxi dress by Jean Paul Gaultier to Instagram, she also issued a message to beat any critics to the punch.

Before you start angrily typing—those are not my nipples, calm down," Fox wrote in the July 25 post.

"They are safely and completely hidden under nipple covers so no worries

In addition to the dress, the Transformers star sported silver statement necklaces by Dylan Lex 

She had her hair swept up into a top knot. And she had plenty of fans cheering her on in the comments.