A-Train makes a crude joke about Vought's Seth Reed in The Boys season 3, but the insult carries a much deeper meaning than you might realize. 

A-Train's insulting swipe at a Vought employee in The Boys season 3 is actually an ice-cold callback to season 1. 

Across two-and-a-bit seasons, Amazon's The Boys has crafted a depressingly believable 

impressively rich world full of corrupt superheroes and corporate executives who are somehow even worse. 

While the likes of Billy Butcher and Starlight understandably snatch headlines 

The Boys is full of unsung heroes - minor characters who make this universe more colorful and vivid. 

Played by Malcolm Barrett, Seth Reed is one such unsung hero. A PR guy working for Vought 

Seth has been around since The Boys' debut season, often surfacing to offer marketing ideas that are terrible, offensive, or terribly offensive. 

Seth points out how A-Train "couldn't care less about [his] African roots," to which the not-so-speedy speedster replies, "Yeah? You don't have a f**king dick." 

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